words and music by Dan Gschwind 1996


We met were I was workin´

She was a doctor there
I told her my name and she smiled at me
Askin´ me some kind of things
She got a little nervous and I was wonderin´ why
Later she told me it was because of me - and I could cry


They wanted to have a few beers

At a very special place
She asked me if I would come with them
But  I said :  "Got no time“

She was a little sad but I didn´t realize

I was somekind of blind
My heart was frozen and I was stuck in the middle  - o
f my crazy mind


Then we talked all night and the weather was fine drinkin´  a lot of wine
So I left the party  walkin´ home as suddenly I heard my name
I  turned and saw her comin´ cross the road embracin´ me really strong

She said : "This is not what I´m used to do“  - and we kissed


She´s an angel fallin´ from the stars that night
Peace and bliss and everythin´ came down on me
She is love and she is light

She´s so real and she feels so good to me


The next day I was standin´  in a garden full of flowers
And I was really wonderin´  what was happenin´  to me
The flowers bloom and all smells good thinkin´ just: " MY GOD “
How could it come that I didn´t miss love  - for such a long time


So I got a new flat in about ten minutes
And I thought : "This is somekind of fine“
I was really in a special state and I was really out of time
There´s a lot to do and I was happy now as I never was all my life
I´m lovin´ her and all is good  -  

special guest - Manfred Brunn - guitar - bass
special guest - Susanne Mader - vocals