Dan Gschwind


born in Bad Windsheim, Germany. At the age of 4 he began playing the piano.


After coming to Munich in 1968 classical piano - then more and more rockmusic with friends, inspired by the bands of that time - like Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Beatles, Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross, Yes, Weather Report, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Carole King, Bob Marley, Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Traffic and many more...


Playing in several bands around Munich. He composed until now more than 100 songs, also for other artists, only in his spare time, besides a fulltime job in a psychiatric hospital.


Releases so far:


- Stars Moon Fish (1993)

 - Feuerbach (1993) music for a dance and theater performance in San Francisco and the Bay Area 1994


- Heaven´s Calling (2008)

- Feel The Sky (2014)

- Songs for Lisa (2015).


At the moment studio works with guest musicians as Joachim Shunyam Körber (git, voc), Manfred Brunn (git, b), Susanne Mader (voc) Robin Hägele (b) and Rishi Vlote (dr /perc).


Dan believes in the power of music, the universal language, which connects & unites people around the world, no matter where they come from, what they do or believe, what kind of skin color or religion they have.


Believing that the universal unconditional love can be felt by every being  may help to establish peace. Since 1977 he is inspired by Prem Rawat, to go for that inner peace. Prem Rawat is travelling the planet, speaking to people reminding them of the simple truth - “What you are looking for is inside of you” - helping people to get there.



Satyam jnanam anantam brahman



Let Love rule !  May all beings be in peace ...


om - shanti shanti shanti



God bless ...

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