Dan Gschwind - Runnin´ Round At Midnight from Dan Gschwind on Vimeo.

Runnin´ round at midnight

words and music by Dan Gschwind 1984
all guitars and backing vocals by Shunyam Körber
from the album "stars moon fish" 1993


Runnin´ round at midnight

Runnin´ round at midnight
Searchin´ for the big light
Runnin´ round at midnight
But there isn´t any light

Nobody can tell you
Which way you should be goin´
Runnin´ round at midnight
Searchin´ for the big light
Runnin´ round at midnight
Runnin´ round at midnight
Runnin´ round at midnight
But there isn´t any light
(Searchin´ for the big light)
dan gschwind : www.dangschwind.de
shunyam körber : www.besmusic.de

Dan Gschwind - Shinbui from Dan Gschwind on Vimeo.

music - Dan Gschwind (2013)
vocals - Susanne Mader (2013)

track mastered by : Hotline Mastering - New York (2014)
from the album "Feel The Sky" by Dan Gschwind (2014)

all rights reserved !

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Finally Made It - L. A. CLUB MIX - preview from Dan Gschwind on Vimeo.

From the original soundtrack for the invisible movie

"Goin´ to tropical island NOW"

Song aka "It´s Snowing In Paradise" or "We Go Up Now"

Be careful with the volume knob ! - this is the L.A. CLUB MIX !!!
mastered by Hotline Mastering New York !!!

Loops and vocals by Lisa Amaro
Music by Dan Gschwind - 2014

vocals - Lisa Amaro
guitar - Joachim Shunyam Körber
bass - Robin Hägele
percussion - Rishi Vlote
keyboards and other - Dan Gschwind

mastering by Hotline Mastering New York 2014


Hey you guys are awesome !!! Just listen to it - flying around here - fantastic work PHAT !!! - Have headphones on and feel the floor vibrating hahaha ... our bass player will freak out completely ... hahaha - thanks a lot my friends - have a great day ! DAN :-)

Haha!!! That's what we've tried to do with your mix... BTW we've used new algorithm. Thank you Dan and enjoy it!!! Yours - Hotline Team from NY!

And especially for Mario - Lexicon Reverb by Dan Gschwind

Video by Dan Gschwind - December, 19th 2014

watch inside now!
no ticket reservation needed !
all rights reserved - Lisa Amaro & Dan Gschwind
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Very special thanks to : Lisa Amaro - " Lisa you are great !!! You´ve got such a lovely voice ... "

Thank you so much Lisa ! - you´re just wonderful ❤ ... so happy that we finally found each other again also on this planet - feel you deep in my heart - words can´t tell - Love you ❤ DAN


God bless you all - DAN

“Everything is going to be fine in the end.
If it's not fine - it's not the end.”

- Oscar Wilde

Dan Gschwind - From Poggibonsi To Happymac - Making of from Dan Gschwind on Vimeo.

Video "From Poggibonsi to Happymac" - Making of - Produced by Jojo Langenberg (1998) -

Music and lyrics by Dan Gschwind

- Special Thanks to:

Jojo Langenberg

Manfred Brunn (git)
Hans Eisenreich (dr)
Werner Liegsalz (b)
Mario Hundsrucker (b)
Eduard Strobel "Wacki" voc, sax

This video is dedicated to Hans Eisenreich (drums) * October 12th, 1958 - August 19th, 2012 - R. I. P.


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